1. How do I get to the tree farm?

We’re 5 miles south of Belmond on Highway 69. Watch for the blue signs on the shoulder of the highway, go east 1 mile on 190th St., then south 1/2 mile on Taylor Ave. See the map link on the home page.

2. What are your hours?

Hours are noon till dark, seven days a week starting Friday after Thanksgiving until Christmas eve and when you can catch us at home.

3. How do I know what to do the first time I visit the tree farm?

Just show up in warm clothes if you are going to the field. We greet you as you drive in, loan you a saw, help you if needed, tie the tree onto or in your vehicle, etc. etc.

4. What types of tree do you have?

Scotch pine, white pine, spruce and firs. To tell the difference go to “Tree Varieties”.

5. Do you have flocked trees?

We have a large selection of flocked trees. White is our most popular color, but we also have blue. Please don’t ask for an orange one. Once was enough. Please come in mid-November and choose your beautiful flocked tree from the many we have to offer.

6. What tools do I need to cut down my tree?

When you arrive someone will hand you a tree saw to use.

7. Can we drive our vehicle in the trees so we can stay warm?

You are more than welcome to drive your vehicle out to the trees. The barn in heated.

8. Can I get help cutting down my tree?

Yes, there's always willing help around if you need assistance.

9. Once I'm at the farm, is it a long ways to the trees?

You can drive all over the tree farm, and I suggest that you do, to become familiar with where different varieties of trees are located..

10. How do I know if the tree is for sale?

All trees are for sale. If for some reason a tree isn't for sale it will be marked.

11. Do you take credit cards?

We take MasterCard and Visa . Also checks and cash.

12. Do you have refreshments?

On most weekends we have free apple cider, and 10 cent popcorn.

13. Other than purchasing a tree what else can I do?

On busy weekends you can take free hayrides and visit the petting zoo.

Don’t forget that on Thanksgiving weekend we have an open house with a craft show in the barn.

14. Do you have to make a purchase to enjoy the tree farm atmosphere?

No, anyone is welcome to come out and enjoy the tree farm. Visit the craft show during Thanksgiving open house; have some cider, coffee, popcorn, candy canes for the kids; feed the pigs; enjoy the petting zoo; hot dogs and photo station. Even take a hayride.

15. Are there restrooms available?

Yes, in Merrywood, the big brown building across from the barn (that’s our breakroom) and we have it clearly marked. Our flocked trees are in Merrywood also.

16. How do I get my tree home?

After you cut down your tree, bring it back to the barn where we will shake your tree (that gets needles out) and tie it onto or in your vehicle for you. When we are busy a shaker is also in operation out in the trees. We will also bag your tree for you for an extra $1.00

17. What is the capitol of New Jersey?

Trenton. Also, how do you pronounce the capitol of Kentucky? Is it LOO-IS-VILLE or is it LOUIE-VILLE? Neither it’s Frankfort.

18. What is the easiest way to stand up my tree?

We sell the “Answer Stand”. You should be able to erect your tree within 2 1/2 minutes of entering your house. Ask for a demonstration. We drill the bottom of the trunk with a special tapered bit. When you get home all you need to do is stand the tree over the tapered peg on the stand and push down.

19. How do I make sure my tree stays fresh?

Keep it watered. The additives- (commercial, vinegar, sugar, etc.) only help because you then are more conscientious about keeping it watered. The first few days your tree will drink up to a gallon of water a day. If your tree is not set up within several hours, cut off another 1/2 inch from the stump. If you have had your tree drilled for the Answer Stand, be careful not to cut off more than 1/2 inch. A 2 liter beverage bottle watering system is available at the tree farm. This allows you to keep water in the bowl without crawling under the tree.

20. Do I need to water my flocked tree?

No, flocked trees never need water. The flocking seals the pores of the tree.

21. How do I dispose of my tree?

When you pay for your tree, a free tree bag will be given to you. Different towns have different methods of disposal so it's best to check with your local chamber office to see how they would like you to dispose of your tree. If you would like, you can return your tree to the tree farm and throw it into a large trailer and we will make it into mulch or sink it in our farm pond for fish habitat.

22. Can I buy a Charlie Brown tree?

Yes, if you can find one.

23. How far do you deliver flocked trees?

We have free delivery to within a 20 mile radius. After that we charge a small fee.

24. Do you sell wreaths?

Most of our wreaths are 20 inch and 24 inch in size. We do make a few larger sizes. Most are decorated but undecorated wreaths are available upon request. We also have flocked wreaths. Each year we sell over 600 freshly-made wreaths using trees that may become to large for Christmas trees.

25. Do you have pre-cut trees?

We have some pre-cut trees up by the barn. They range from 4’ to 6’.

26. Do you ship trees and wreaths?

We ship the 20" and 24" wreaths and white pine and fir (which are the only trees limber enough to squeeze into a shipping carton), anywhere in the 48 states, and to troops overseas with an APO address.

27. Do you have tours?

Call 641-853-2365 to arrange for a tour. Anyone is welcome to come on a tour, but we cater to 2nd and 5th grades.

28. From start to finish how long does it take to grow a tree?

From planting to harvest it takes approximately 7 years, but don’t forget, they don’t grow by themselves. See answer #29

29. How do you care for your trees as they grow?

A crew of a dozen skilled craftsman shape all the trees every year in the month of July when it’s hot, muggy, and mosquitoy. If you want a job call 641-853-2365. Mrs. Aldrich’s homemade cookies are one of the few benifits.. If we have a really hot dry summer we water the smaller trees.

30. Why is there a pig hidden on every web page?

Because it was the hogs that let Aldrich Tree Farm make a profit since 1883, when Frederick Aldrich first brought 3 Large White sows onto the farm. No other swine, except breeding boars have ever been brought onto the farm. Every other pig has been born on the farm. At the turn of the last century (1900), it took 18 months to raise a hog to market weight of 400 lbs. At the turn of this century (2000) a pig will reach market weight (200 lbs) in under 6 months